Saturday, October 6, 2007


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This afternoon, I was thrown a bridal shower. Initially, this scared the hell out me. It turned out really well. I now have a years supply of lacy things and the Kitchen Aid pots and pans I've had my eye on forever! (thanks New Mom and Mom!)

But the best thing was that EVERYONE LOVED THE FOOD!! We served a platter of veggie sushi, a kick-ass green salad, roasted nuts, tons of hummus and crackers and Amy's Roasted Vegetable pizza. For dessert my mom made strawberry tarts and banana bread. MMMM! :) Everyone filled their plates up and went back for seconds. My mom (bless her heart) explained to everyone about veganism and it was the cutest thing. At one point, she asked me to show everyone the 'vegan' tattoo on my wrist to show how dedicated I was.

And now, I'm drinking the gifted wine from the gifted wine glasses and preparing to use the Victoria's Secret gift cards. Not bad.

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jaxin said...

My mother ALWAYS has to go into veganism whenever we're around a group of people. :P She doesn't understand that not everyone is as accepting as her.

I tried to explain that at least 50% of people are mean or rude about it, and 90% of the time *I* don't feel like dealing with the bullcrap. But still, she does it.

I think for some reason she's proud or something. My aunt will say something about cheese, "KELLY DOESNT EAT CHEESE!" my mother will spout out all of a sudden. Well, thats nice mom, but it had nothing to do with that. :P

I'm really glad you had a good bridal shower! And good to hear the food was a success! I could really go for some hummus! :)