Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh, Shoes!!

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Today I saw an old friend, a pregan friend, if you will. She brought up how I used to really love expensive, name brand shoes and bags. I hadn't really thought of this for quite some time now. About a year ago, I gave all of that stuff away and hadn't given it a second thought.

Vegan shoes and bags are ridiculously easy to find these days. Designers like Steve Madden and stores like Payless all have really adorable vegan options. I've even gone to thrift stores and come out with three pairs of brand new, sexy shoes!

Handbags are even easier to find! One of my favorite brands is Matt & Nat - they have tons of different styles. Thrift stores, of course, are the BEST place to find handbags. I've found more vintage LeSportSac bags than I know what to do with.

I don't think I've ever paid full price for a scarf, and I have A LOT of scarves. Thrift stores always have adorably funky NOT SILK ones. I have one that looks like an Andy Warhol painting with chairs all over it and another with squirrels all over it. These are things they don't make anymore! :)

Hmmm, yet another reason it's easy and fun to be vegan!

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Gaia said...

Hey !
Just clicked on your link from the Vegan Freaks forums.
I found out this week that they have Matt & Nat bags near where I live ! Yay !
Can't wait to see them. Funny thing is I love my handbag (I have only one)...it's vegan and 10 years old. I get complimented on it all the time by omnis :D

Amanda said...

Lucky!!! Sometimes I can find a few Matt & Nat bags at discount stores, but the selection is lacking. I'm so jealous!! :)

River said...

You're so right about thrift stores- I just love them. Also, that last picture is sexy as hell.