Friday, April 25, 2008

i'm a little nervous.

just a little. and only because i'm new to activism. and i'm sorta shy. and have anxiety problems. and am anti-social. and people generally hate me.

bitch moi?

the 'confronting cruelty' conference is starting tomorrow and i'll have a table there for Salt Lake Vegan Society. don't get me wrong, i'm excited as hell! just a tiny bit nervous!

it's so funny, i keep trying to think of the worst possible scenerio, and the only things i could come up with end with me saying "fuck off." so, that's not so bad.

animal liberation

Thursday, April 24, 2008


i think i sprained my toe. the only shoes i could find to take the dogs out were heels, and as i was walking through the lawn i just fell. yesterday i pinched a nerve when i was doing my hair. i wonder what is in store for tomorrow?

Pin up girl

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


so i've stayed home today, courtesy of a pinched nerve. it feels like a lame move on my part, but whatever. i've been trying to add friends to the slvs myspace page, . and i'm watching 'the grundge 2' right now. that little kid is so cute. AND he meows. that's the kind of kid i could go for.

Grudge 2

this is NOT a good movie, on any terms. but it seems pretty spot on today.

i've decided that i need to read more about animal liberation. i've started with, 'an introduction to animal rights: your child or the dog' by gary l. francione. it's far better than i thought. you know i dislike books without pictures or conversations!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the first slurpee & other musings

this weekend has been down right lovely. i had the first slurpee of the year (suicide! banana/cherry/orange), the weather has been beautiful and i've just been hanging out with dave & the animals.

i also found some pretty good shoes at the mall today. i've been trying to consume a lot less these past weeks, but damn. i like shoes. but you should have seen all the things i DIDN'T even buy! :)

my final trip to petco was earlier this morning. i have purchased one more bag of avoderm brand dog food so that i can slowly adjust the dogs to their new diet, therefore avoiding... well, strange poop. i hate going to petsmart or petco. of course all the poor ratties and other animals are depressing as hell, but the people there walking around with their $800.00 puppies make me sick. for the most part, i see people these with purebred puppies more than any other sort of dog. i would wager that they dragged the puppy to petsmart before they took the poor thing home. when i see these people i make sure to give them an especially dirty look & ignore the puppy so hard. today the puppy people were all obese. it was very strange. anyway! i never ever have to go to those awful places again! i'm so relieved!!! and now, i only have to deal with the occasional whole foods & target visits. don't even get me started on those places. or those LADIES. i hate them in their dumb outfits with poorly named children. omg. and the cashiers. we always get the most vapid ones. but for some reason, the bagger is always pretty cool. i wonder if it's because we bring our own bags?

in ANY case! happy spring everyone!!

Spring Dance

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

where did my lazy go?

it's not like i ever even felt bad about being so lazy. i just accepted it. but suddenly, there are always Things To Do. which, quite honestly, is much better for my crazy.

i was messing around in the kitchen, trying to make lunch for tomorrow, and i had the strange realization that in the past year and a half, i've developed a whole new taste for food. for dinner, i had a dirty martini and a bowl of asparagus. now, i have always liked these things, but it's like i enjoy simple foods so much more now. before i was vegan, i preferred cream sauces, bready stuff and cheese. so, i thought that was an interesting personal development. i've also decided that my favorite athletic shoes are my black keds. see how they walk?


so. i finally get off my ass and start thinking about the things i want to do. number one is to start a vegan society for salt lake. i think it would fun, it seems like something i could be good at. i'm fairly organized and somewhat personable. i would focus my energy on showing people how easy it is to be vegan and STAY vegan and of course, WHY they need to be vegan.

at the end of this month there is going to be an animal rights conference. i offered a little money to help out and they gave me my own table! i'm probably the only person in the world to get so excited about one little table.

this morning i was poking around on the organizers website and noticed that their campaigns are focused on fur and foie gras.

so, i'm troubled! i haven't been vegan nearly as long as some of the other activists. i'm new at activism. i don't want to become involved with this group because i don't agree with their approach - i think it's confusing to people. i can almost hear them in my head, "why should i stop eating foie gras and wearing fur if it's okay to eat meat?" people in my head are always jackasses. AND i'm concerned that people coming up to the table will attack me with questions i don't quite know how to answer.

but you know what? fuck it. i'm going to have a nice little table. i'm going to show people why they need to be vegan and stay vegan.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pulp Fiction

i just watched 'pulp fiction' for the honestly, maybe like the 30th time. omg. 'ghost rider' is next. i totally have a thing for nick cage. always have. even when he kinda sucks. my favorite, of course, is as sailor from 'wild at heart.' i'll attach my favorite part to make up for the scary bollywood thriller i put you through yesterday. i also like the fact that he married elvis's daughter just because she was. i'm surprised he didn't try to get a baby.

anyhoo. today has been completely absurd. i did have some nice curry and made a few on-line purchases of the intimate sort. i also got a chance to see my niece dog.
i can't believe you've read this far. i applaud your tenacity. or boredom.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

this makes my cold, dead heart happy

vegans rock

well. and this.


evil monkey

you guys have no idea.

i'm dumb.


well. not THAT dumb. but, still. i had myself entirely convinced that i couldn't access my email or this blog. i thought this for months. i had given up. i imagined my dear readers stumbling around, lost and lonely without me and my inspirational veganess.

so, long story short. my good friend, woz, politely urged me to blog something! anything! and then after looking through her blog,
i was inspired! with inspiration! :)

one day i'm going to make this into a real blog, with all sorts of links, and stuff.

but for now. you will settle for this. and a random kitty.


you so missed me.