Thursday, October 11, 2007

more about vegan dogs!

Thanks everyone for the concern that I might be killing my dogs. Dogs are omnivores, which easily allows them to eat all sorts of stuff. I've talked to my vet (who is a hunter and omnivore himself) and he is confident that a vegan diet is healthy. He said that Westies (Darby) are prone to skin allergies and a vegan diet is BETTER for him.

Look at him!! Tell me he doesn't look happy!!!!!


jaxin said...

People actually thought you were killing your dogs?


vetdino said...

Dogs are carnivores!! ok, you can feed them soya burgers and stuff to compensate for the proteins and extra vitamins to compensate for what's in their food. really, I'm curious, what do the poor dogs eat since they became vegan (forced to turn vegan actually)?

Al said...

Dude. Her vet says it's OK. Lay off.

Dogs are domesticated animals. I guarantee that Red Hot Vegan's dog wouldn't exist were it not for humans. I'm sure she loves her dog, and I'm also sure she doesn't want other animals (who also would not exist were it not for human meddling) to die in order for her dog to live. Pretty simple really.

The fact that dogs can even digest plant foods suggests that they're omnivores and not carnivores. And don't give me any of that "natural" carnivore bullshit. The dog ain't "natural". He or she lives in a fucking house and eats out of a goddamn bowl. That's not "natural" either. It's called domestication.

Her dog was "forced" to live, so why is it a problem that he or she is "forced" to eat a completely healthy diet that doesn't include other domesticated animals?

vetdino said...

Well, I happen to be a veterinarian as. And yes most dog breeds are the product of human-driven breeding. That doesn't mean they seized to be canivores.

Wolves, the ancestors of modern domesticated dogs (they still are the same species), are almost excluses carnivores.

The fact that we have the knowledge and technology to analyse food and find alternative diets which contain most of the essential ingredients (proteins, carbs, vitamins etc etc) doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

Feeding a dog with a "substite" diets doesn't make it complete.

As I said before, I am curious see what this diet contains.

vetdino said...

btw, if you want my opinion, I fully aggree that the conditions in which domesticated animals are bred are terrible and should change (they're much worse in the US compared to Europe). The EU some years ago has putten more strict regulations to that direction. It is our obligation, if we want to call ourselves civilized, to be human and treat these animal with respect. To offer them a qualitiy life and a painless death.

I also think, and I do it for myself, that too much meat is not healthy, once or twice a week is more than enough... ok, now I move to another issue... just wanted to make clear I'm not into killing animals either.

Amanda said...

hey vetdino, i feed my dogs Avoderm dog food. they love it! sometimes i give them fruit and veggies for treats. bananas and baby carrots are their favorites!

have you considered veganism? i'm curious as to why you're reading my blog!

vetdino said...

hi Amanda!! I find it an interesting way of life, I got here through a link of another vegan.

But I don't consider such a radical stap. I don't eat much meat anyway, because it's not very healthy (fish is of course). I guess I'm somewhere in the middle, finding a good ballance.

AvoDerm!! that's pretty rare in Europe, I think you can only find in the the UK. It must be expensive... Btw dry dog food is also not healthy for dogs, undergoing research tend to link it with early cancern.

I used to feed fruit to my dog too once in a while (of course they love it).

Cheers from Belgium

WMDH said...

Hmmm. I think VetDino can eat me.