Wednesday, April 9, 2008


so. i finally get off my ass and start thinking about the things i want to do. number one is to start a vegan society for salt lake. i think it would fun, it seems like something i could be good at. i'm fairly organized and somewhat personable. i would focus my energy on showing people how easy it is to be vegan and STAY vegan and of course, WHY they need to be vegan.

at the end of this month there is going to be an animal rights conference. i offered a little money to help out and they gave me my own table! i'm probably the only person in the world to get so excited about one little table.

this morning i was poking around on the organizers website and noticed that their campaigns are focused on fur and foie gras.

so, i'm troubled! i haven't been vegan nearly as long as some of the other activists. i'm new at activism. i don't want to become involved with this group because i don't agree with their approach - i think it's confusing to people. i can almost hear them in my head, "why should i stop eating foie gras and wearing fur if it's okay to eat meat?" people in my head are always jackasses. AND i'm concerned that people coming up to the table will attack me with questions i don't quite know how to answer.

but you know what? fuck it. i'm going to have a nice little table. i'm going to show people why they need to be vegan and stay vegan.

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