Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pulp Fiction

i just watched 'pulp fiction' for the honestly, maybe like the 30th time. omg. 'ghost rider' is next. i totally have a thing for nick cage. always have. even when he kinda sucks. my favorite, of course, is as sailor from 'wild at heart.' i'll attach my favorite part to make up for the scary bollywood thriller i put you through yesterday. i also like the fact that he married elvis's daughter just because she was. i'm surprised he didn't try to get a baby.

anyhoo. today has been completely absurd. i did have some nice curry and made a few on-line purchases of the intimate sort. i also got a chance to see my niece dog.
i can't believe you've read this far. i applaud your tenacity. or boredom.


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