Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A fine holiday! I'm sitting here by fire, munching on vanilla almonds and Barefoot
brand merlot. Last night we had my parents and uncle over for dinner. Now, keep in mind that both my dad and my uncle are real "meat" people. We served onion rings for an appetizer along with tortilla chips, salsa and bean dip. For dinner we had spaghetti with Tofurkey sausage, corn fritters and garlic sourdough bread. All in all it was an EASY dinner. My mom tends to hover in the kitchen so I wanted something I could do quickly!! An easy menu, but I'm still impressed by how well everything turned out.

As for today, Christmas Day, my entire family went to my in-laws house where I was greeted with vegan stuffing, yummy baked carrots and pasta with mushroom sauce. My mother-in-law gave me Veganomicon AND The Joy of Vegan Baking. I was thrilled!!

I can't believe how much easier it's getting to be vegan! My worst issue was with mine and my husband's parents, I used to always feel like I was getting in the way of all their holiday traditions. So, I'm a very happy and full vegan this Christmas evening.

P.S. Of course I watched 'A Christmas Story' too. Of course.

a christmas story

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