Friday, December 7, 2007

humans is animals.

And on that note, I'm back. I've been doing a lot of internal blogging lately. And I may or may not have developed an addiction to raw almonds. And lemonade. But that isn't important.

What IS important, is that I've been thinking! I've had a million things going through my head the past month or so, and now I'm ready to see them take the form of words and sentences. And some cute pictures, maybe. The most pressing thing that has been on my mind is the corelation of animal rights and human rights. Mind you, I haven't read a million books on the subject and I'm not going to lecture you. You can find much better blogs for that purpose! But, I've merely been looking at MY life and how I can make a difference in this area. I've mentioned before that I'm troubled by buying items made in sweat shops. I can't justify it anymore. It comes down to the fact that my "needs" or "wants" do not outweigh the suffering that was caused by the item. So, it will be interesting to see how this affects my life AND the upcoming holiday.

I feel like a veil has been lifted and I can't look at a toy made in china or Food Network the same way. Last week I was walking through the mall, and was horrified. There was fur in store windows, the smell of leather and the fucking food court. That wasn't even the worst part; it was all the people walking around oblivious to the pain and torture that they're supporting.

Instead of this making me sad and want to curl up in my bed with a nice bottle of shiraz and Hellraiser (I'm in a Pinhead kinda mood lately) it just FUCKING PISSES ME OFF. I'm tired of being all sad and emo about this shit and want to do something other than just whine.

I'm working hard on starting a Vegan Society for Salt Lake, and although I want to use food based activism, I feel it would be irresponsible to not mention the human rights side of things. And maybe, THAT would lead more people to veganism? Makes sense to me.

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