Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vegans in the media

God. I'm watching 'Year of the Dog' right now and it's so incredibly fucking stupid. It's about this crazy lady who becomes a crazy vegan after her dog dies, and then she goes crazy some more and it ends with her driving away with some shitty crazy voice-over about how "beautiful life is."

I don't understand why vegans are perceived to be so strange. Keep in mind that I have met a lot of scary vegans in real life - but it seems that in every movie or tv show I've seen the vegan is either a hippie or a crazy woman.

Maybe I should start trying to out-crazy the other vegans! hee! :)

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Vegan-Headed Hipster said...

I agree. I still remember the Wife Swap where the vegan lady was not only insanely militant but hypocritical.

Or like when Doug (King of Queens) went vegan for like a week.

We need a VET (Vegan Entertainment Television)...


jaxin said...

I'm totally down for V.E.T.!

"You down with VET, ya you know me!!"

Seriously though, I just got Year of the Dog from netflix but haven't watched it yet. Now I'm scared that it will make me pissy.